Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reuse, Recycle, Revamp your Holiday Table!

So I decided to do something different for my holiday table this year. Usually I try and come up with something I haven't done before. This year, however, I did a spin off of last year's table. I did this because the average woman (especially a newlywed) doesn't have a stockpile of table decorations lying around their home. And let's face it, there couldn't be a worse time than the holidays to find extra money to splurge on these items. So what is a poor girl to do?

I decided to start with a staple every bride should have available ... my wedding china and flatware! The dishes were the start of both of my holiday designs. I didn't want to have two completely identical tables (what's the fun in that?), but I wanted to create two looks using common items and other affordable options.

Here are the two designs!

2010 - Formal Holiday Dinner

2009 - Holiday Brunch

Now for the details! I'll start with describing the items in my 2009 design.

I decided to accentuate the white and blue of the dishes in this look. I laid out a simple white tablecloth (on sale from a fabric store) and put silver chargers (from a dollar store) under the china. Each year I use an ornament for a place card (so each person will have a memento for their tree to take home). Last year I was inspired by Martha Stewart's Sweetgum-Fruit Wreath, since I have this tree in my front yard and tons of the spiny fruit fall from it. I decided to make mini wreaths for each person and used the extra fruit to craft silver trees for the table. Because this design is more casual I used paper napkins dressed up with snowflake napkin holders I got at an after Christmas sale at Target. For my centerpiece I raided my Christmas tree decorations! I got a clear glass vase and stuffed it with white stuffing. Then I stuffed sparkly white branches and hung all the small blue and silver ornaments I could find in my collection from them. Lastly, I found some silver tinsel garland from the dollar store and strung it up and down the table.

For my 2010 transformation I again started with the same china and dollar store chargers. I laid my white fabric down on the table and covered it with a cotton damask fabric I purchased at the fabric store. For my centerpiece I found the candle pillar holder at Target for only $19.99 and filled it with silver and blue ornaments I found in my ornament collection. You can also see the sparkly white branches from last years centerpiece in it as well! For the place cards this year I found these pretty black ornaments for $2 each at Target. I further dressed up the table setting by printing my own menus. The silver sweetgum-fruit trees are getting used again alongside some fresh flowers. Finally I strung some larger blue and silver ornaments from the ceiling all of which came from a dollar store!

I hope you enjoyed my table transformation. I'd love to hear what you do to create a fresh and beautiful table each year without breaking the bank.


  1. What a great idea to build on your basics. Gorgeous as always.
    Stop by and check out my new blog when you
    We will definitely be featuring your gorgeous tablescapes!


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