Thursday, November 29, 2012


I thought I'd write a quick post telling everyone what it is I've been doing, since I obviously haven't been posting to the blog! I have a huge backlog of parties to share with everyone, but no time to edit and post them, unfortunately. What has been taking up all my time has been this:

Enchanted Events & Design has moved (along with the rest of my family of course). It has been super exciting, stressful and time consuming. The house needed a lot of TLC and personality so I've been spending all of my extra time painting, unpacking boxes, painting, shopping, painting ... you get the picture. On top of everything I only closed my Etsy shop down for a week, so I've been attempting to work through the chaos. One of the absolute best parts though is that I will have a lovely new office, with lots more room that no longer doubles as a guest room! I love it and I will hopefully get a chance to share pictures with you if I ever finish unpacking!
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