Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{Tutorial} Golden Egg Cake Pop

As promised, here's the tutorial on how to make golden egg cake pops!

First you'll need to make two batches of cake, one white and one yellow cake. I then added a small amount of yellow food dye to the yellow cake to enhance the yellow coloring.

Once the cakes are baked and cooled, break up the cake with your fingers and add about 3/4 to 4/5 of a canister of frosting to it to and mix well. I typically remove the harder, crusty edges of the cake before mixing it with the frosting so the cake pop is an even mushy consistency. This is especially important with the white cake. I removed all of the darker colored cake (top, bottom, sides) to keep the cake pop a clean white color. I used a white cream cheese frosting for both my white and yellow cakes. Next, form a small ball with the yellow cake pop mix, slightly larger than a dime in shape. Then grab a small amount of the white cake mix and place the yellow ball on top of it.

Slowly work the white cake pop mix over and around the yellow ball until it's completely covered and mold it into an egg shape. Repeat until you've used up all of one of the cakes (white or yellow). Place the cake pops onto a baking sheet and put them in the fridge to cool. This will make them easier to dip in the candy coating later.

The next step is to attach the lollipop stick to the cake pop. Take a lollipop stick (I use a 4" stick but you can use any size you'd like) and push it into the bottom of the cake pop to create a hole. Then pull it out and dip the end of the lollipop stick into some prepared yellow candy melt (melted per the instructions on the bag). Then reinsert the stick into the cake pop. You can then place it back into the fridge to keep cool while you assemble the rest of the cake pops.

Once all the cake pops have been attached to the sticks. You can then, working in batches, remove them from the fridge and slowly dip each egg into the yellow candy melt. Make sure to cover the entire cake pop, tapping it gently on the edge of the glass to remove any excess candy melt.

Stand each of the cake pops up in some Styrofoam to dry.

Next, take some yellow pearl dust and mix it into a small dish with some lemon juice, water or vodka. You can then paint this onto each of the cake pops to give it a glittery shine. Place the cake pop back into the Styrofoam to dry. Try and put the cake pops as close together as you can to make the next step a little easier.

The final step is to get a small strainer and place some of the dry pearl dust into it. You can then gently sift some of the dust over the top of your drying cake pops. This adds just a bit more glitter to the cake pops. The closer they are together on the Styrofoam the less dust that will be wasted. Make sure to start dusting the cake pops before they've finished drying so that the dust will have something to affix itself to when you sprinkle it over them.

You now have a shiny golden egg cake pop, complete with a yolk center. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{Tutorial} Frosting Glass/Mirrors

So I recently put together a table for Celebrations at Home's Vendor Challenge with a citrus theme. I decided to do something different than the standard banners on dessert tables. I found some super cheap full length mirrors at Target ($4.99 each) and I added my own custom frosted designs to them.

I wanted to share the super easy tutorial for decorating your own glass and mirrors. The first step is selecting the item you want to frost and then making sure it's completely clean and dry.

The next step is easiest if you own a machine like a Cricut. Even if you don't you can purchase vinyl cutouts of shapes and letters to create the design. I used my Cricut to cut lemon circles, a monogram and the wedding date into some vinyl. Next, remove all the vinyl that you want to have frosted onto your glass. In this example I removed all of the letters and numbers.

The white is the remaining vinyl and the blue is where I removed it

Next, just peel off the vinyl and affix it to the surface you'd like to frost. If the image you are using is delicate, large or has "floating" pieces of vinyl in the design (such as the center of the "&") which might be difficult to place exactly I recommend using transfer paper to move the vinyl from the backing to your project.

Once your design is placed just as you'd like it. Get out a small paint brush and your glass etching cream. I picked up "Armour Etch" from Michaels. It's a small 3 ounce jar but it goes a long way. I did all 3 of these mirrors and 3 other small projects and still have enough left for maybe 2 more small projects.

Using the paintbrush I brush the areas I want frosted with a thick layer of the cream. Make sure it's a good thick layer, otherwise you can get uneven patches. If you're frosting glass (instead of a mirror) I usually look at the backside to see if I missed any areas.

At this point all you do is wait. Follow the instructions on bottle of etching cream you purchased for how long you should wait. My brand suggested 5 minutes but I left it on for at least 15. Once it's ready just rinse it with water and remove the vinyl!

This project also works well as a gift idea. I frosted a trifle container for my mom as a mother's day gift and a casserole dish for my brother and his wife with images from their wedding invitation as a house warming present. The sky's the limit! Happy frosting everyone!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Friday, August 5, 2011

{Event Recap} Natalie & Eric's Snow Inspired Wedding

I very excited to share with you some new pictures of Natalie and Eric's wedding! Natalie and Eric are an amazing couple, with an enthusiastic passion for life and each other. It was a joy to be a part of their day.

Natalie, despite being an avid lover of the color red (partly because of her alma mater USC), decided to go a different route with her wedding. She had been going to too many red themed weddings lately and she wanted to do something different! Instead she embraced her other passion, snow and skiing! Natalie has been a volunteer with Big Bear's ski patrol since 2004 and upon meeting Natalie, Eric quickly joined her in this hobby. Using this theme loosely as their inspiration, they chose a blue, white and brown color palette.

I was even more excited when they selected Damion and Julie Hamilton of Damion Hamilton Photography for their photographers. I had met Damion and Julie in 2008 and was eager for an opportunity to work with them on a wedding. I knew that their style and personalities would be a perfect fit for Natalie and Eric's wedding. They were even enthusiastic when Natalie and Eric requested driving all the way up to the snow for their engagement shoot!

Gorgeous setting, right? Well feast your eyes on the rest of their big day. I hope you enjoy all the details designed for this wonderful couple!

Bridal prep!

The Bride and Flower girl shoes

Bridesmaid details

The Armenian Orthodox Ceremony

Alone time for the bride and groom

An amazing barn behind the church and hall!

The Reception

The boys getting a chance to celebrate

The Vendors
Cake: Porto's Bakery
Event Design: Enchanted Events & Design
Florist: Designs by Christine
Hair: Harry's Hair Design
Invitations: Enchanted Events & Design
Location (ceremony/reception): Holy Cross Armenian Apostolic Church and Bagramian Hall
Makeup: Nayre Kabadayan
Photography: Damion Hamilton Photography
Wedding & Bridesmaid Dresses: Cecile Rivoire's
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