Thursday, April 26, 2012

{Event Recap} Vintage Jewelry Surprise Birthday

I was asked to design an event for my client's mother. Her mother, unfortunately, was robbed 2 weeks before her birthday and 4 generations of jewelry was stolen. My client was inspired to throw a jewelry themed surprise luncheon for her mom. She asked all of the guests to bring one pair of earrings as a gift for the birthday girl. I was very touched by this story and pulled together a simple design with hints of vintage jewelry. The color palette for the party was pink, cream and white with lots of wood accents. The party had a combination of clean, modern colors with rustic accent pieces. It made for a really spectacular combination.

For the dessert table I ordered some fabulous custom cookies with beautiful cameos featured on each one. This was huge hit as it closely resembled one of the birthday girl's favorite broaches which was lost.

The picture on the right is taken with my phone but you can really see the detail of the cameo!

I also included strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, strawberry parfaits, strawberry whoppers, mini doughnut rings and a lovely strawberry cake.

I decided to use cherry blossom branches in tall white bottles as the backdrop of the table. I didn't want to take away from the beautiful wallpaper!

For the lunch the ladies were served a variety of salads and roasted vegetables, a mixed juice spritzer, white wine sangria and lemon water. All the tables had fresh flowers which were purchased the day before in the LA flower district and at a farmer's market by myself and the hostess. At the end of the event all the ladies took home strawberry bath salt favors.

Event Design: Enchanted Events & Design
Printables: Enchanted Events & Design
Photography: Next Exit Photography
Cookies: Denise's Creations

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Location Tour through Malibu Canyon

I got an invitation in my inbox a month ago inviting me to check out three new event locations. With the promise of wine and food I quickly sent in my RSVP! I'm very excited to share with all of you the details of these three lovely sites!

The first stop was a small vineyard, Triunfo Creek.

The site has a small grey stucco building with a lot of rustic appeal that fits well with the rest of the property. It's very inviting and pretty when you first pull in over a small bridge to the round gravel driveway. The well maintained and expansive lawn is just begging for an event to fill it.

Next, I entered the building and found the interior well matched to the exterior, raw and rustic but with lots of country charm. The image below is of one end of the small building. The other end is lined with wine barrels with lot of wood beams and a raw concrete floor in between.

Passing through the building you come upon a small patio with a view of the lawn and the hillside, which was full of grape vines just about to start growing leaves and fruit.

I adored this site! There just seems to be so much potential and already so many plans in the works to increase the beauty of the site and make it more event friendly. There was also additional ceremony locations up the hillside for those desiring more of a view for their nuptials.

Next, our small group piled into a limo and was driven down the road a bit to the next location, Lobo Castle, that's right, castle!

This location is actually a residence that was redesigned and renovated into the castle style you see. The owner and chef for this site and Triunfo rents out the location for events a couple of weekends a month. This site is perfect for a bride and groom looking for a site that is unique and private for their event. There are photo ops around every corner of the site, including the roof if you're brave enough to climb up a wrought iron ladder on the back of the house.

Tuscan water well courtyard

Small patio looking out the bride's room, overlooking the pool and bar

Bride's room and view from the pool to the bride's room patio

Our final stop in the limo was The Malibu Golf Club, Malibu and Vine. This site is a public golf course that has two lovely lawns available for event rental. The first site comes with wine barrel tables and chairs already provided and lovely market lights strung from the trees.

The second area is a large open lawn. This site is perfect for ... well anything you want to set up. It's a large, flat, blank canvas waiting for all the details.

One end of the lawn overlooks the golf course. This is the typical site to set up a wedding ceremony with the guests facing this view.

For brides and grooms interested in these locations please contact me! I can get you a discount in renting these sites for your next event. I can't wait to try them all out so please give me an excuse.

Triunfo Creek Vineyard:
Malibu and Vine:
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