Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{Giveaway} 200 Facebook Fans! - ENDED

This is a thank you post to all of my Facebook fans. With their help, I finally hit and passed 200 fans. As promised I'm going to give something away to celebrate. I thought a cute little Valentine's Day note card would be appropriate since the big day is only two and a half weeks away.

If you'd like me to email you a file of this image for you to print at home just leave a comment with your email address or send me an email ( You must first be a follower of this blog OR a Facebook fan to receive the file so make sure you include your blogger or Facebook name when you email me!

This giveaway ends on February 11, 2011.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

{Inspiration Board} Bumble Bee Birthday

I'm excitedly working on a bumble bee birthday party for a sweet, soon-to-be two year old girl, Samarra. I've been bouncing ideas back and forth with her mother until she stumbled upon an adorable bumble bee cake (#6 in the inspiration board below). The inspiration exploded from there and I found so many amazing ideas from just a little research. I created this invitation for her that I wanted to share with all of you (look for it shortly in my Etsy shop).

I'm going to be focusing on a soft yellow, white and light green with small accents of black to keep it light and girly. Here is the inspiration board I created to get the feel for the overall theme:

1. Cookie pops by Ava Cakes
2. Bee cookies by Etsy shop Baked
3. Zazzle Bee Invitations
4. Bee hive drink dispenser sold at Pier 1 Imports
5. Bumble Bee Tutu by Etsy shop ChristiCreations
6. Bumble bee cake by Cake Chester. This is the image that inspired the theme!
7. Bee truffles from a party styled by Bella Fiore Decor posted on TomKat Studio's blog
8. Bumble bee tag by TomKat Studio
9. Drink printables by WH Hostess
10. Favors from a party styled by Bella Fiore Decor posted on TomKat Studio's blog
11. Lollipops from a party styled by Bella Fiore Decor posted on TomKat Studio's blog
12. Utensil wraps styled by A To Zebra Celebrations
13. Bee invitation by Etsy shop TomKat Studios
14. Ribbon chairs styled by WH Hostess
15. Bee invitation by WH Hostess
16. Bee cake table created by A To Zebra Celebrations
17. Table styled by Scissors Paper Cake and posted on Imprintables
18. Bee hive balloons from Coolest Kid Birthday Parties
19. Yellow Jell-o Centerpiece from Rachael Ray
20. Bumble Bee Shaped Edible Hard Sugar Decorations by Paradise Cupcakes on Amazon
21. Sign for hand crafted bee antennae by A To Zebra Celebrations
22. Vases styled by WH Hostess

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One last Christmas post!

So I shared with you my Christmas table design back in December in my Reuse, Recycle, Revamp Your Holiday Table post. However, by the time Christmas morning rolled around the design had took on a few changes that I wanted to share with all of you.

One of the biggest changes I made was because everyone who joins us for our Christmas breakfast is a couple I try and pick out at least two ornaments as the place cards so that each couple will get two different ornaments to bring home with them. This year I chose four different ornaments in complementing colors (black, blue, silver and white).

I also changed the centerpiece design because Santa brought me a new one to use on Christmas morning! I think I might just ask Santa to bring me table decor every year now. I also bought fresh flowers.

And of course the other change was that this table actually had food on it!

I made all of the dishes from my Williams-Sonoma Breakfast cookbook.

-Eggs Benedict
-Roasted Tomatoes
-Red Flannel Hash

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Girl in a Chair Soiree

So here is my very belated recap of "A Girl in a Chair Soiree" event that was put on back in November at Rancho Las Lomas by Your Wedding Day Magazine. Unfortunately, the holidays took over and I never got a chance to do a write up on this event.

This event brought the guests behind the scenes to view the magazine's photo sets for the next issue. The sets were highlighting new trends of 2011 fashion, editorial and decor. It was really exciting to see everything live and in person. The photos always look so beautiful laid out in the magazine, but it really brought a whole new level of understanding of the design with this experience. Being able to walk up to the tables and dresses, traverse the space and seeing all of the details from every angle was a real treat.

Each of the sets focused on a different wedding destination. The design was meant to embody that location and the new trends for 2011 of each of the areas.

Team 1: Wedding Jeannie, French Buckets, Glow Concepts Fine Linens, Duke Photography, Tange Designs, and Superfine Bakery
Location: Mexico
Inspiration: wood, leather, succulents and lace

Team 2: Crown Weddings, Karen Tran Florals, Simply Posh Design, Sweet Cheeks Baking Company, and Caroline Tran Photographer
Location: Hawaii
Inspiration: tropical

Team 3: jesi haack weddings, found, Inviting Occasion, Paper and Thread, Studio EMP Inc., and My Sweet and Saucy
Location: San Francisco
Inspiration: Urban

Team 4: Unique Elegance, Tic-Tock Couture Florals, Gourmet Invitations, Superfine Bakery, and Raise the Cake
Location: Vegas
Inspiration: Glamourous

I'm looking forward to getting the "Your Wedding Day" issue with this photo shoot to see how the designs translate into two dimensional images. Of course no photography was allowed on the sets so I can't share any of the images with you.

The event itself was put on by LVL Events and Hitching Post Public Relations, catered by 24 Carrots and held at the beautiful Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado, California. I've run an event out of this location before so it was wonderful to get an opportunity to return and just enjoy the site.

Now I'll delve a little bit into the event's catering. There were passed appetizers throughout the evening and I think I was able to catch most if not all of the options available. I have to say the food was definitely enjoyable. Here are the items I was able to sample.

Shrimp on a White Bean Crostini - I wasn't able to get a picture of this item but it was tasty and easy to eat while standing.

Chicken Noodles

I loved the presentation of this item. The take-out box made it easy to carry around without spilling anything. It was also pretty tasty.

Mashed Potatoes with Beef

This was my favorite dish! The beef was cooked really nicely and it looked very appetizing on the plate.

Fish served over a Rice Cake

This was my least favorite dish. It looked nice but I found it to be bland. It needed a bit more seasoning.

Lobster Tamale Martini and a my self-served coffee

I wasn't impressed with the Martini. I loved its presentation, but taste is what's important with food. It wasn't bad, but the flavors didn't stand out. I did enjoy the coffee bar. There were a lot of options for customizing your drink and I enjoyed my cup.

BBQ Pork Slider

This dish was difficult to find. It was being snatched up every time I saw it. I'm a huge fan of sliders and Hawaiian sweet rolls so this got a plus in my book. Again it could have used a little bit more flavor in the sauce to really make it stand out but it was an enjoyable bite.

I really enjoyed the night and got to meet quite a few new event professionals. Although the one negative detail that I noted from the night (and overheard quite a few other guests mentioning) was the table linens. They were beautiful (as you can see from the food photos) with lots of beading detail. The beading, however, made it very difficult to set down a drink glass. The uneven surface kept encouraging the glasses to tip over. So if you're dead set on using a beautiful beaded linen for a cocktail table I suggest adding a glass topper to show off the detail while still giving your guests the convenience of a flat surface on which to set their drinks.

Me and Jami (one of my best friends) at the end of the night
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