Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Happy Birthday

What could be more fun then a Birthday with a Halloween theme! Happy October! I decided to do a write up on hosting a Halloween birthday party since I attended one this past weekend and found out that one of my followers used her EEAD Halloween giveaway items at her daughter's Halloween birthday!

This is such a great theme since there are so many great Halloween party ideas for all age groups. For young kids you can focus on fun, festive aspects of the holiday like candy, fun music, and costumes. For older kids you can move more into spooky and creepy with scary movies, evil monsters and villans. For adults you can go with a haunted elegance. For this post I'm going to explore ideas for the younger age bracket. I hope they help give someone ideas for their own festive birthday party!

Food & Recipes

Martha Stewart's Deviled Eggs
Simple and yummy, even my husband didn't mind making these for a party.

Martha Stewart's Orange Jack-o'-Lanterns
Love this idea! Martha suggests sorbet but you can use them to hold any yummy concoction. The birthday party we went to this weekend filled them with fruit salad for the little ones.

Martha Stewart's I Scream Sandwitches

Martha Stewart's Candy Corn Sugar Cookies
Festive and easy to make, especially if you buy some premade dough!

Witches fingers in dirt
You can't go wrong with chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos and gummy worms

Creepy Pasta Bake
Just add crab legs, mushrooms, and quail eggs to your favorite baked pasta dish

Activity Ideas

1) Costumes
Family photos

Halloween backdrop photos

Or a costume parade!

2) Apple Bobbing

3) Pinata (filled with candy and/or toys)

4) Musical chairs with Halloween music

5) Mummy wrap race (with toilet paper)

6) Haunted house/maze - for smaller kids you can use card board boxes decorated and attached together
7) Pin the tail on the donkey with a Halloween image (nose on the witch, tail on the black cat, etc)

8) Face painting - this can go well with costumes or if someone shows up without a costume they can still feel part of the theme

9) Spider yarn web - get the kids in a circle and pass a ball of yarn around to form a web

1) Coloring books or pages with Halloween themes
2) Pumpkin carving/decorating

3) Cookie decorating - pre-make sugar cookies in Halloween shapes and let the kids decorate them with icing, sprinkles, etc.
4) Felt decorating - pre-cut shapes for pumpkins, scarecrows, bats, cats, witches, etc and give the kids some glue

Real Parties

Sara over at Dandy Delights posted some pictures on her blog of her daughter's Halloween birthday party this past weekend. She took advantage of my Halloween giveaway and got herself some free cupcake toppers and goody bag tags to help decorate her dessert table. Look what a great job she did (and it was her first dessert table too)!

Oliver had his 1st birthday party at a park. His mom and dad did a great job of decorating fun and festive food for everyone as well as having lots of fun games and activities (parachute, pumpkin decorating, and coloring).

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