Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{Tip} Quick Decor for any Table

As you all know I was extremely busy at the end of this past year. Each Christmas I host breakfast for our parents and siblings before we all exchange gifts. I wanted to put together a nice table again, but I just didn't have time to get creative and fancy like last year. So I wanted to share a quick tip for creating an inexpensive centerpiece for your holiday table, which would also work nicely as a centerpiece for any gift giving event (birthday, shower, etc)!

Pretty wrapped boxes!

The larger gift in the center was a real gift I stole from under the tree. I then grabbed two kid shoe boxes and wrapped them up in the same paper. This is perfect for the holidays since most people have endless amounts of wrapping paper, empty boxes, and already wrapped gifts.

For a shower or birthday you can use any wrapping paper color to match the theme and wrap up small gifts for the guest of honor, empty boxes just for decor or prizes for any games you might be playing during the party and have them double as the centerpiece. Easy, cost effective and something a little different than standard flower arrangements.

Another benefit to wrapped gifts is that they're a great way to include different shapes, sizes and heights to a table. Utilize them in a dessert table if you want to put your desserts on different levels. I used this technique for my Candy Shoppe party and put a wrapped box under the cake stand to create a bit more drama with the cake since it was sitting on such a large table.


  1. What a great idea that I never would have thought of! This is why you are the planner and I am the hirer!

  2. The wrapped gifts as the centerpiece are amazing! And if it is a meal before exchanging gifts, you can literally put the real gifts which you are giving to one another! What a great idea. :D


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