Thursday, April 21, 2011

{Product} New designs from EEAD

I've been busy lately designing custom products for some of my wonderful clients. I really enjoy requests for custom items and my favorite is invitations. I love being able to take on an event from the very start. An invitation is one of the first items selected for a party and it needs to summarize the entire event into one envelope (or sometimes a box). This will be the first glimpse your guests have of what is to await them. I LOVE invitations! Here are some of the designs I've recently finished. I hope you enjoy them!

Vintage Peony Wedding Invitation

Lollipop Lane Invitation

Twinkle Twice Invitation

Pinkalicious Invitation

I've also designed a couple thank you cards to match some of my existing invitation designs and even a seating chart!

Bumble Bee Thank You Card

Retro Dot Thank You Card (in purple)

Retro Dot Seating Chart


  1. how do we purchase the bumble bee thankyou card?

  2. In my Etsy shop


    Ready made:


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