Friday, March 11, 2011

{Tutorial} Zebra Cookie Pops

At last I have the tutorial that I promised all of you for the zebra pattern cookie pops from my Zzzebra Slumber Party. These were very easy and inexpensive to make and really pop on a dessert table. Of course the most important quality ... they're yummy! I received a ton of compliments and my husband kept asking me how many I really needed for the party so he could steal a few extra.

#1) Gather all of your ingredients.
-1 package of double stuff cream filled chocolate cookies, such as Oreo
(Don't use the single stuff because there isn't enough room for the lollipop stick)
- 2 packages white candy melts
- 1 tall thin glass
- 1 Styrofoam sheet
- 2 tubes of black colored decorating gel
- 4" lollipop sticks (if you'd like to decorate the stick with a ribbon, as I did, check out Hostess with the Mostess' tutorial, which is where I got the idea. I recommend doing this step first to prevent any glue from getting on your cookie)

#2) Prepare your cookies. Pull apart all of the cookies so they are lying open faced in front of you. Make sure to keep all the matching top and bottoms together.

#3) Melt your candy. I fill my glass up with candy melts and microwave it at 50% power for about 1 minute and 30 seconds. I then stir the mixture thoroughly. If your candy doesn't fully melt after stirring it for about 30 seconds, return it to the microwave for another 30 seconds.

#4) Create your cookie pop. Dip one end of a lollipop stick into the melted candy.

Place the end with the candy into the cream filling of one of the cookies and replace the top. Set the cookie aside so that the candy can cool. Do this for all the cookies.

#5) Candy coat your cookie. If you're making an entire package of cookies, by the time you finish inserting all the lollipop sticks, the cookies which have been sitting the longest will be ready for dipping. Pick up the cookie by the stick and dip it into the melted candy. Make sure the entire cookie is covered.

When you pull the cookie out tap it a few times on the edge of the glass to remove any excess melted candy. Then stick your cookie into the Styrofoam to dry.

If you candy level is too low to fully coat the cookie, stop and melt some more candy in your microwave.

Once all of your cookies are covered if you're not happy with the smoothness of the coating you can dip your cookies a second time to get a smoother look. White candy melts won't cover a chocolate cookie as nicely as another color. For my party I dipped each cookie twice. It also depends on your taste as well. Some people prefer not to have such a heavy candy coating and prefer the taste of the single dipped cookies.

#6) Zebra stripes! Now it's time to add the final touch to the cookie. Get out your black decorating gel and squeeze on zebra stripes. I recommend looking at some examples of zebra stripes to see how they look and what pattern you'd like to use on your cookie.

For fun you can swap up the colors! Try picking out a fun color of candy melt instead of white or pick out a different color of decorating gel to give your zebra cookie a bit of pop. I used a black decorating gel with some glitter in the Zzzebra party to give my cookies some glam. Have fun and enjoy!


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