Monday, November 1, 2010

{Tip} Essentials of an Emergency Kit

If you have a good coordinator, then they will be fully stocked with everything essential in case of a tragedy on your big day. But if you're supplying your own emergency kit (because you don't have a day-of coordinator, your coordinator doesn't have an emergency kit, or a friend or family member is stepping in as a coordinator) then this is the post for you!

With You in Mind, Inc - Wedding Day Emergency Kit

#1) Have 2 emergency kits! I have one fully stocked emergency kit that I can stash somewhere easily accessible, like in the bridal room. I inform the entire bridal party about this stash in case something comes up and they need to get access to emergency items on their own. My second kit is smaller and usually holds bare essentials (bobby pins, makeup touch up kit, stain removers, etc). This can be stored in the bride's purse or another small bag. I keep mine in a fanny pack strapped to my waist so I have it with me at all times. It's not convenient to drag a giant emergency kit around with you all day but this smaller one is perfect if you're gallivanting off to take pictures and something happens.

#2) Makeup. Ask your makeup artist to provide you with a touch up kit. It will probably cost extra, but it’s very handy to have colors that will match what you’re wearing throughout the day. If you’d rather prepare your own touch up kit, ask your make-up artist for shade recommendations after you meet for your preview. Here are the absolute essentials:
-Oil blotting papers
-Straws (for drinking so you don't mess up your lipstick)

Photograph by Anika London
Makeup by On Location Beauty

And ask your bridal party and coordinator to keep an eye on your makeup. It's very easy to forget throughout the day to reapply. I suggest doing a quick touch up after eating/drinking anything, after dancing, before every photo session, and before each event scheduled (ceremony start, grand entrance, cake cutting, etc).

#3) Hair. If you're lucky your hair will stay perfectly in place throughout the entire event. But sometimes (due to weather conditions, enthusiastic dancing, or just because that's what our hair does) it doesn't last the entire event. It's important to stay on top of hair problems as they occur because if you wait too long it's almost impossible to reassemble the great do your stylist accomplished. So again ask your bridesmaids and coordinator to key an eye on your coiffure for any signs of it falling from grace.

Photograph by Hoffmann Photography
Hair and Makeup by On Location Beauty

Here are the absolute essentials you should have on hand in your kit:
-Bobby pins! These are extremely essential. Make sure you have them in a color to match your own hair (and make sure you coordinator does too if they have their own kit). If you're a beautiful blond with black pins sticking out all over your head it will look less than perfect.

-Hair spray
-A no-fuss backup hairstyle (hair band for pony tail or bun, clip for a half do, etc). If everything falls apart what is a quick hairstyle you can put together yourself that will keep you from freaking out?

#4) Dress. Your beautiful, perfect dress that you spent so much time picking out and money to purchase and alter, should look fabulous all day long on you (hopefully). But things happen and you want to be ready in case it does.

-Stain remover (Shout wipes or a Tide-to-go pen will do the trick)
-Safety pins, bustles will break or hems can fall but a safety pin can be a quick fix to get you back on the dance floor
-White chalk, rub a little on a dark spot and it can be a quick patch job if you're worried about getting your dress wet with a stain remover
-Nail polish remover, nail polish on your dress doesn't have to spell disaster
And try not to freak out if you get dirt on your train or dress. It's not always the worst catastrophe. Most of the time the dirt isn't even noticeable because it will look like shadows if you have a dress that has soft folds.

Other important items to have in your kit:
-Medicine for headaches, anti-inflammatory, upset stomach, allergy, etc.
-Breath mints, have one available for both the bride and groom right before the ceremony so that first kiss is perfect
-Sewing kit
-Deodorant (sprays are nice so anyone can use it)
-Tampons and pads
-Hand sanitizer
-Floss or toothpicks
-Cotton swabs
-Hemorrhoidal cream (for puffy eyes)
-Glasses, contact lens cleaner, eye drops

Coordinator items, in case something falls apart in your design these can be handy for your coordinator to have on hand:
-Thumb tacks
-Pens and Pencils (permanent felt-tip, ballpoint, etc)
-Paper clips
-Staple remover
-Ribbon (in a color to match the wedding)
-Clear nylon thread
-Hole punch
-Measuring tape
-CD of all your wedding songs (first dance, grand entrance songs, etc) in case your DJ forgets to bring them

Even if everything goes without a hitch, having a complete emergency kit can give a bride peace of mind. There's nothing quite as reassuring as feeling prepared come what may.


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